Audio that moves you

Photo: © Henrik Kam


See (and hear) art in a whole new way with the SFMOMA app, which combines mind-blowing audio content with cutting-edge indoor positioning technology.

Developed with the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies and in partnership with local start-up Detour, the app features a new breed of guided narratives that take you through the galleries and out onto the streets of San Francisco. These 15–45 minute immersive walks feature a range of fascinating hosts, including high-wire walker Philippe Petit, Avery Trufelman from the 99% Invisible podcast, members of the SF Giants organization, and comedians from HBO’s Silicon Valley. With synced audio that allows social listening, you and your friends will experience SFMOMA, its art, and the world like never before.

Download the SFMOMA App

Only available on iOS.

Don't have an iPhone? Audio devices are available for rent at the Member Services desk on Floor 2.

Building for Art Immersive Walk Preview

You came to see the art, and SFMOMA's new building is designed to help you do that. Join Avery Trufelman, a producer with the popular design podcast 99% Invisible, for a preview of her walking exploration of SFMOMA's building, from 1995 to its newly expanded present.

Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies

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